Certified and approved translations by sworn translators sent by e-mail with a digital signature

We provide certified and approved translations (German>English and English>German) with a digital signature so you can send your translated certificate via email.

You can archive a translation with a digital signature in your computer and send it to as many recipients as many times as you like at any time later in your life. We charge 30 € (net) for the digital signature in addition to the cost of the translation and the certification.

To find out about the costs of the translation, just send your text via email or fax (0049-(0)531-77035).
If you have questions, please call (0049-(0)531-77011).
Also see Dr. Thormann Business English and German (click here).

This is what a digital signature looks like:

It is placed at the end of the translated document. Example (Engl.>German translation):